Our Services

We're passionate about all things plants and gardens. There is little that we can't do to bring the magic back your outdoors or simply keep your existing beautiful gardens in perfect order.


General Maintenance

Are you tired of spending your valuable weekends doing more work? Or maybe you have an investment property that requires regular upkeep. No matter the reason, it's our business to look after your outdoors and we love nothing more. Whether it's a simple 'mow and go' or a more extensive garden maintenance job, we have the qualifications, passion and tools to guarantee a top quality result. Our customers love our commitment and we're extremely proud of our work.


Garden Renovations & Softscaping

So the weeds have taken over, your precious plants have been swallowed by the weedy abyss and things are looking a little drab. You have all the right bits there but you can't seem to find them any more. Sounds like you need a makeover. Garden renovations are our specialty. We can replace a few plants, get rid of the weeds and lay down some nice mulch, or we can go the whole way and lay down the red carpet with a new design, a full strip out of the existing mess and a whole new theme to replace it. With a sound knowledge of a wide variety of plant species, we can make a garden really come alive. Softscape refers to the live horticultural elements of a landscape and that's where we shine.


Hedge Trimming & Shaping

Our eye for detail is second to none and we LOVE a nice looking hedge. A perfect shape is only a part of the picture. As qualified horticulturalist, we understand plant health and can address any issues that are affecting your plants. With this also comes a sound knowledge of the best time to trim depending on the plant species, the best planting practices to establish new hedges and the most cost effective maintenance schedule.


Weed Management & Pest Spraying

We are fully qualified Chemcert spray technicians and are well versed in all facets of Integrated Weed Management. All methods of control are used depending on the individual requirements. Organic, chemical, mechanical or biological control methods may be appropriate. We are also big on looking after our local environment and passionately work towards using plants that pose no threat to native species. Murraya is one such plant that we would like to see used much less in domestic gardens but there are many. Our success rate in treating weeds such as Wandering Jew, Singapore Daisy and many more, has us in constant demand and often regarded as the local weed warriors.